Makerbot workflow hacks

Our drive block upgrade arrived today! This part should help make sure the PLA flow is steady, and will likely help us avoid some of the issues we were having earlier.


Also, Peenak found that using a sharp thick knife made liberating models from the build plate a lot easier (albeit more dangerous).


And lastly, Katie, Zane & Steph's car printed tonight. While removing the scaffolding Zane noticed that heating a pocket knife made slicing the scaffolding off a lot easier. We've been tempted to use soldering irons for a similar use-case however we're worried about damaging the iron. We might find a cheap-o one and see what happens at some point.

Speaking of which. Here's Katie, Zane & Steph's car with the scaffolding. Once it's cleaned up the finer details will be more apparent. But you can currently make out a dog in the passenger seat, squirrel hood ornament… and LASERS! The print was fairly intricate so it took the Makerbot a good 8h 47min to print.